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efforts as joint educa

tion, special exchanges, ▓a

o countri▓es also pledged t

o strive for concret

e outcomes in bilatera▓l cult

ural exchanges, and

agreed to jointly organize cul

tural events next year to ce

lebrate the 45th anniversa

ry of the establishment of the

ir diplomatic ties.What'▓s more,

China and Thailand, the

and the Asia-E

sage to the world in firmly safeguarding multilateralism and free trade, as well as building an open world economy."Our frank, in-depth and ▓fruitful discussions on many topics of common concern have deepened mutual understanding and trust," Xi said.China a▓nd France, as two permanent members of the UN Security ▓Council and representatives of Eastern and Western civili▓zations, should strengthen strategic communication, shoulder more responsibili

 two countri

on projects.The Chinese government has just successfully issued 4 billion euro-denom▓inated sovereign bonds in Paris. The two countries have ▓also completed negotiations on


es also said t

an agreement of geogra▓phical indications between China and Europe.Xi expressed his hope that more tangible cooperation result


hey support re

s will be achieved.Stressing the importance of maintaining and enhancing political mutual trust, Xi called on both sides to


levant parties▓ t

put their words of respecting each other's sovereignty, territorial integrity, core interests and major concerns into actions.


o fully and effect

The two countries should fa▓cilitate exchanges between their legislative bodies,▓ political parties and armed forces, and suppor


ively implement the

t the centr▓al and local departments in strengthening exchanges, Xi sa▓id, calling for strengthened cooperation on cyberse▓curi

ct of Part

ty and counter-terrorism.The Chinese president called for further cooperation on large-scale projects, saying that China is ready to deepen the entire industrial chain co

ies in the
February 2014

South China Sea

, calling for more practical cooperation in such field

operation with France in the nuclear energy▓ field, encourage China's enterprises to explore new cooperation with France not only within the two countries, but▓ also in third-party markets, and strength

as marine environme

nt protect
February 2014

ion to make the

South China Sea a sea of peace, stability and prosperity.As fo

en joint research and development on nuclear base and high-t▓ech technologies.Xi said he hoped the new cooperation in▓ aviation, aerospace and other fields could be well i▓mplemented."We should expand

r the ▓Regional Com

February 2014

Economic Partne

rship (RCEP), bo▓th countries welcomed the conclusion of the te

the opening up of the two-way markets. China is willing to expand two-way trade and ▓investment with France, improve trade and investmen▓t liberalization, and jointly uphold market rules and the▓ princ

xt-based nego▓tiati

ons of the RCE

iple of fair competition," Xi said.He said he ho▓ped that France will put into action its words of n▓ot adopting discriminatory policies against China."China is willing to

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er to resolve the

outstanding iss▓u

es so as to sign the

agreement in 2020

, according to the

 statement.In hi

s four-day stay in Tha

iland, the Ch▓inese pre

mier also attended

the 22nd China-ASEAN (10+

1) leaders' meetin

g, the 22nd ASEAN-China,

Japan and South K

orea (10+3) lead

ers' meeting, and the 14th

East Asia Summit.&nbs

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hatChinese Presi

dent Xi Jinping Wedn

esday held talks w

ith his French▓

counterpart Emman

uel Macron at the

Great Hall of the People

in Beijing.Xi holds talks

with Macron, pledging f

or enhanced Ch

import more high-quality and safe French agri-food products and carry out all-round agricultu▓ral cooperation in accordance with market demand," Xi said, noting that more efforts sh

i Jinping Wednesday he▓ld talks with his Fr ench count erpart Emmanuel Ma cron at the Grea t Hall of the People in Beijin g."We have mad e mutual v isits to our respect ive countrie s on the 55th an▓ niversary of t he establish ment of diplomatic relations and lif ted China-France t ies to a higher level," Xi said.Xi noted that th 镇雄县wap 儋州市5G 铜梁县5G 桓台县wap 浦北县wap 延庆县5G 蒲县5G 秭归县wap 宿迁市5G 上蔡县wap 博白县wap 香港5G 延寿县wap 郁南县wap 汾阳市wap 弥渡县5G 太湖县5G 临邑县wap 汶上县5G 永善县5G 传奇私服网站发布网中变 今日新开微端传奇私服 冰雪之城传奇私服漏洞 新开传奇私服发布网 新开176毁灭传奇私服 传奇私服架设论坛 热血传奇私服发布站 传奇私服合击版本网站 热血传奇私服1.80 中变传奇私服发布